Urban Soundscapes and Critical Citizenship

I’m part of an interdisciplinary research cluster (founding member) called LimerickSoundscapes. We’re currently made up of ethnomusicologists, urban sociologists, and sound interaction design specialists.   Some of our project work can be found here.  We ran a conference in March 2014 called ‘Urban Soundscapes and Critical Citizenship’.  Publications on this work include the 2015  Journal of Urban Cultural Studies, 2 (1 & 2) special section/edition.  A few more related works are coming out this year (see my publications section). My colleague in MIC, Tony Langlois, and I have been working with students in the National Learning Network and with Men’s Shed on King’s Island on a new tranche of recordings which we hope to upload soon.  We’re also working on developing university modules to help build a support team around this applied project, including this seminar to MA in Sociology students in UL which outlines aspects of the project.

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